Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I hate waiting.

I absolutely do. There is nothing worse than patiently waiting for wheels to turn and time to pass until something gets accomplished.

The reality is although we can be incredibly active, that we can move things forward a great deal (much more than most of us believe possible), at some point things simply pass out of our hands or our ability to influence them. And so we wait.

But waiting (I am forced to admit) brings benefits along with it, benefits which do not accrue to the impatient but only to the patient - because it is not just the fact that we wait, it's how we wait that matters. Impatiently waiting will result in taking opportunities that are less than what they could be, of becoming bitter and angry as we wonder why things aren't going faster and how much we are suffering, of grasping the thing instead of being grateful for it when it finally arrives.

The benefits?

- We can evaluate opportunities and take the best, instead of taking the first.
- We learn to manage to live in day to day life while waiting.
- We learn that discipline of repetition, of doing the same thing and building our skills in those things while we wait.
- We become truly grateful when those things that we are waiting for occur - and okay when they don't.

Don't misinterpret me - I'm no more a fan of waiting than I ever was. But just because I am not a fan doesn't mean I can't realize the benefits of it.

I just have to be patient.

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