Monday, November 15, 2010

Uisdean Ruadh

And so another Monday begins.

I'd do my typical long sigh about another Monday and having to go to my job - but at least I have a job.

Uisdean Ruadh needs your prayers -he's been laid off again.

I've been calculating - In 28 months, he has been laid off three times (16 months looking for work), in each case not his fault but a drive by victim of a bad economy. To say this would be disheartening is an understatement to say the least.

I spoke with him on Saturday night. He was discouraged - as if somehow someone magically would not be discouraged - but realistic as to his future and what he needs to do to get going. One interview last week, one interview this week.

I'm sure he'd appreciate any prayers or just plain good wishes you have for him - not only for his job hunt, but for his spirits as well.

And for those of us that have jobs - even if we fail to always be thankful for them.

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