Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rise and Crash

A lousy night last night - one of those nights that you feel like you didn't sleep at all although you're pretty sure you did because you're not one hundred percent exhausted.

And it wasn't me alone - The Ravishing Mrs. TB was tossing and turning, and at least one of Na Clann wandered in looking for some headache medicine, crying.

And then, of course, the inevitable getting up later (because I'm trying to preserve some aspect of rest) followed by the not doing everything I usually do in the morning, followed by the sense of dragging myself out the door.

The worst part of this is that this is just the beginning of the day - one now has to face the whole day with the tired and rushed sense as events come crashing in.

It's said that your morning tells you what kind of day you'll have. More and more, I'm finding that unless my first two hours of the day are not good - and these are the hours when I am largely on my own, before the house has woken up - the rest of the day is not promising.

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