Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heart in It?

In speaking with Otis this afternoon, he relayed a comment to me that Buttercup had mentioned to him after my visit this weekend. "Maybe", she hypothesized in that simple way that she often uses in her writing to cut to the heart of the matter, "he feels disconnected from his job because his heart is not in it. When his heart is in what he's discussing, he's passionate."

The next sound you hear will be that of my head hitting the keyboard at the revelation of a simple truth.

"Yes of course" I say to myself, "that's absolutely true of course. If you're heart is not in something, of course it is not something that you will be passionate about."

But the simplicity of the thought and the statement take my breath away.

When was the last time I truly had my heart in my job - indeed, about anything in my life? I'm ashamed to admit, I cannot truly think of a job I've held where that was the case. And in my life? The list of things is frighteningly small -yet interestingly, they are usually things I end up not doing as much because they're not career oriented.

It's been said that if you identify your passions and do those, the job will follow. I've heard it, but could it possibly be true?

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