Monday, October 04, 2010

Fulfilled and Proud

"In the long run, the point isn't to make more money. The point is to consistently create work that makes you fulfilled and proud." - Sally Hogshead

What a concise and precise statement about work.

Yes, more money generally is better. But at the same time, doing work that you are neither fulfilled to do nor proud of will in the end probably ensure that you will not earn that more money either. It is extremely difficult to continue to succeed in something that you neither enjoy nor are committed to.

Which makes me reflect on my current situation. Am I creating work that makes me feel fulfilled and proud? Can I create such work that will make me feel so?

If the question is no (and I think that it is at this point), what do I do about it? As I wrote here, there are two elements to consider: the situation and the field itself. If it's a no to the first, a change in location is called for. If it's the second, a change in latitude (and attitude) is called for.

Simply put, you cannot continue to product good work in a environment that neither values it nor values you. Most often, you either get pulled down to the level of the company - or move to another company. Seldom are there examples of individuals that are not signficant management that have created drastic changes in their work environments - creating an environment where work is fulfilling and one can be proud of their actions.

I can no longer bear the burden of any company that cannot or will not allow a such a workplace. The burden is portrayed as being on you to make things better; the reality is, the burden is on the workplace for creating such an environment.

And environments can only be changed or departed from. There is no third option.

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