Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Finding Time

I've found some time.

It turned out to be in the most unusual place: pinned in front of my usual morning routine.

I have been endeavoring over the last 2-3 months to readjust my life and my schedule, to pack in the things I want and need to do while dealing with the realities of my existence. Unfortunately, The Ravishing Mrs. TB pointed out that what this was doing was basically isolating myself from my family when I got home to do this. Additionally, I never seemed to get everything done that I was hoping to get done. Also, those things that I needed to concentrate to do - language study, reading, even working out - seemed to be impossible in the wash of the post work environment.

My solution: Get up an hour earlier.

Is it easy? Not necessarily. Is it hard? Not as much so as you might think. My inspiration was this gentleman (You should stop and read the article. Really.) who does far more than I would hope to accomplish. If can do what he does on minimal sleep, so can I.

How's it going? Better than I thought. The sleep thing is somewhat hard to get used to, but I am learning to cope with it in the sense of hopefully training my body to take advantage of the sleep it's offered - and it's not as if I've lived this way before for less worthy things. And my items to cover? By the time I leave for work, I definitely feel that I have accomplished a great deal important to me, and have done so without sacrificing my family time.

Where can you find time today?

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