Thursday, February 13, 2020

2020 Iaijutsu Training Lessons

All - After writing and editing and rewriting, below are what I am consider my lessons from my training in Japan this year.  While some of them may seem specific to training, I believe I have reworded them in such a way that they are actually applicable to life (my life, anyway), which they should be. 

I post them without comment but am happy to discuss.

2020  Iaijutsu Training Lessons   

  1. Commit to the Way.
  2. Attention to detail is critical.
  3. Doing things correctly is more importantly than doing things quickly.
  4. Exaggeration of actions by making them bigger leads to clear visibility.
  5. Tear down your previous techniques and learn them again from the beginning to grow.
  6. Relaxation brings better technique. 
  7. Keep the technique gentle until you have mastered it, then add power.
  8. To level up, you need to go to the source of the teaching.
  9. The Internet is not a teacher.
  10. Posture perfects technique. 
  11. Focus on less, rather than more. Intensity and depth will produce the most significant results.
  12. Simple things are understood after performing them once. Difficult things must be done time and time again to be understood.
  13. Live every day in the day. Do not be rushing to be somewhere else.
  14. Every day a good day.


  1. Excellent. For me number 6 is the big one right now. I'd developed a case of 'target panic' and it's the rottenest mental thing to kick, too. It's ended the career of professional archers and shooters... but I think I'm finally coming out of it. I'd argue that maybe concentration has to be in there too, somewhere...

  2. Glen, I think concentration is (at some level) incorporated into most of these items. Without concentration (or focus, if you please) none of the others can be accomplished.


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