Monday, February 26, 2018

The Secret Of Change

This is a constant challenge for me.

I love the old.  I revel in it.  I hang it to it with the tenacity of a collector protecting his collection from the vicissitudes of time and elements.

But the reality is that fighting the old is the equivalent of hanging on to the anchor while the boat is moving away.  You cannot do both.

Let the old go.  No sense in fighting it.  Release it with open hands, ready to grasp the tools of building the new.  Because only the new change will take you to where you desire to go.


  1. Very true. And as you say, hard to do, also.

  2. I wonder why Linda? Is it because building something new - even if better is so very difficult, or that secretly we would always rather look back rather than forward?

    (How is your husband's back?)

  3. Well, looking back is the less... strenuous, yes.
    Even though we know there is nothing that can change the past.

    Hubby's back is doing wonderfully! He did 30 minutes of cardio today, (not sure what all that entails they only let patients in back); but it's up from 6 when he started! God does answer prayers and I feel blessed. :)

  4. Great! Glad to hear! I will keep praying.

  5. Thank you, TB. God bless. :)


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