Thursday, September 01, 2016

Things Of Value

So another sad day.  Wife of a fellow Highland Athlete passed away from brain cancer today.  I actually met her once last year:  lovely woman, beautiful family.

This is the second person of my acquaintance who has passed away this year - of cancer, in both cases.  Maybe I am just starting to reach that critical mass in age where these things become a more of an ongoing reality than in years past.

None the less, a time for reflection.

I take a lot of things for granted.  I allow myself to get aggravated over things which have virtually no value in Eternity and little value temporally.  I take things personally, things that are products of my emotions or my perceived needs rather than of any importance.  I anger.  I fret.

All the while, valuable time is slipping by.  Time and energy that could be spent on things of lasting value, invested in the short term.

If I waste money, I become angry with myself.  Would that I apply that same logic to the things of true value.


  1. My condolences to all who knew this lady. A lot of people have died of cancer these last few years. May God comfort all.
    Be safe and God bless.

  2. Amen Linda. Just kind of jarring, that is all.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    At some time in life, we all reach the point where more things/people are taken away from us than are given. While this concept makes these losses no less sad, it is the way of things.

    Condolences on your loss.

    1. Thank you. You make a valid point, and I may have reached the inflection point. Just part of the whole program, I suppose.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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