Tuesday, September 06, 2016

"Against Those Whom God is Angry"

"At that time, after the death of Valentinian (455 A.D.), Gaiseric gained the support of the Moors, and every year at the beginning of spring he made invasions in Sicily and Italy,  enslaving some of the cities, razing them to the ground, and plundering everything; and when the land had become destitute of men and of money, he invaded the domain of the Emperor of the East.  And so he plundered Illyricum and the most of the Peloponnesus and of the rest of Greece and all the islands which lie near it.  And again he went to Sicily and Italy, and kept plundering and pillaging all places in turn.  And one day when he had embarked on his ship in the harbour of Carthage, and the sails were already being spread, the pilot asked him, they say, against what men in the world he bade them go.  And he in reply said: 'Plainly against those with whom God is angry.'  Thus without any cause he kept making invasions wherever chance might lead him."

- Procopius, The Vandalic War, Book III Chapter V

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