Friday, September 02, 2016

Ichiryo Gusoku - Evolving Goals

A slow evolution in Ichiryo Gusoku goals.

The biggest, simply, is that we are going to be here in place longer than I guess I had imagined.  As a result of that, more than likely certain things are getting put off (minimally we will be here three years, likely seven if things go reasonably well).

One is livestock.  In short, the quail worked out okay, but this is not really the place to easily keep them.  This not only extends to all other livestock, but maybe bees as well (not sure on this).

This brings me down to what I can grow or make from something that is grown.  This is somewhat more under my control and allows me to take things that at some level may be available (even under a rationing scheme for example, some level of milk will probably be available.  I can turn it into something else).

Cheese is up there.  Pickling and preserving stuff is as well (any way to add value to something that is existing).

We have taken a few steps in regards to the house.  Besides the verification of the fact we do not have significant foundation problems, we have started a list of things we want/need to do.  Good news is that a single story brick house does not have a lot of issues that some other types of structures do.  Energy conservation is probably the big push here.

So improve the energy loss, work on the ability to grow things and turn them into something else.  What else?

Some other skill, I suppose.  Something useful.  Something that can be done with minimal investment.  And something that will give me the ability to sell if I can, barter if I have to.

Making course corrections is good.  Making them before you have to make them is better.

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