Thursday, August 04, 2011

Changes That Don't Matter

Our management team at work has undertaken a somewhat disconcerting task at work: interior beautification projects.

Within the last two weeks my reports have been moved to another office, that old office has been painted and will get new carpet, the halls are being painted and decluttered, cubes are being removed to give more "space" and items that stick above the cube level are being removed. In the end, we will be working in an airy white area with blue cube walls - the prototypical "Dilbert" cube world.

The odd thing is that whatever the purpose is, I am sure of what this will not accomplish: any actual improvements to the system. Our products and services will not be better, we will not be more efficient, and this in no way increases our bottom line. It looks better to individuals as they periodically walk through, but doesn't really seem to actually improve anything.

I snort and become vaguely annoyed that it is happening at work; I ignore the fact that the same is probably true in my own life.

How often do I do the same in my own life? Repainting the outer walls, moving things around in my head or my life, trying to do things which give the impression that real change is being made, while in fact no substantive change is being made in my own life? I'm kinder to myself than I am to the others, but the reality is the same.

What real changes am I making to my own life? Not illusory or for show, but for real?

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