Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ranch Again

It has been a pleasant visit back to The Ranch - even as I write this, the morning breeze bearing the pine-laden scent of what can only be The Mountains and the dirt laden scent of The Ranch waft through the golden highlighted window screens.

It has been a good - but busy- visit here, something that I am not fully comfortable with. I am used to being here without a sense of timekeeping involved a sense of "I have to do this, and this and this - because I have to leave in five days." It gives things much more the sense of a trying to cram everything into a sightseeing tour rather than seeking to moderate time and activities.

It's also always good to see family and old friends - too good actually, as it makes hunger for the relationships and location of Old Home. Not that this makes New Home any worse (or better), it just reawakens the realization that there is not here.

But for now that's all okay. I'll sit here, let the breeze flow through my nostrils and over my body, and just enjoy being here.

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