Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Systems of Others

It's amazing to me how truly unsatisfying I can find any job to be. It's almost like I have a gift for not be happy at my jobs.

Not that I have any illusions: one thing I've learned to this point is that the problems of any job never really are different in scope, only in issue and personality.

Part of what I am grappling with is (again) being in the position of realizing that what I have really been hired for is not necessarily my expertise or experience per se, but only so far as that assists my manager in executing the vision that he has for the department.

How is this done, you may ask? Simple. I am asked to create a document or a system. I create a document or a system and send it on for review. What comes back from the review is "Well, this is good, but this is what I was thinking", which really means "This is what I wanted to start out with."

Fine. That's my job. The frustrating part is feeling like one was going to be creating systems and policies, and what one is doing is simply creating the systems and policies of others, which then I am responsible for executing. It makes me feel like a document associate, just moving stuff through the system and occasionally getting the overflow of things that others do not have the time to do or what to do.

So here's the question: How do I change my perspective?

P.S. I suppose on the bright side, the new job and resulting schedule is making it much more easy for me to blog...

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