Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An Unexpected Dessert Encounter

Sunday evening for a treat to celebrate we went to The Cheesecake Factory.

It is not often a trip we make, being rather expensive (and for sure, rather calorie laden) but it is a popular locale when we have something to celebrate.  And, to be fair, their cheesecakes are rather good.

I got my usual go to flavor for anything:  Vanilla (I am kind of unremarkable that way). It arrived laden with its customary two dollops of real whipped cream.  I looked at there, shimmering under the light, before I dug in.  After all, it did not look that big and it taste pretty good.

Right until about 1 AM, when my stomach, which has apparently been enjoying the attempts to eat better, declared that it was rather quite done with this excursion in culinary desserts and decided to keep me up - more or less than the rest of the night.  

This was not something that I had anticipated.  

Yes, I have been making conscious efforts in this area.  I would in no wise say that I am "clean", but I am making a sincerely attempt to eat better: I am trying for less processed foods overall and more (for lack of a better word) "honest" food - such as cutting out protein bars to find protein closer to the source.  But I hardly anticipated the reaction I had last night.  Needless to say, I will not be having a high fat high sugar dessert in the near future.

Two lessons here:

1) When you make a commitment to eating better, there is such a thing as not being able to go back.

2)  Looking forward to possibly disruption of any food supply, there are bound to issues.  Best to both be mindful of them and practice more and more of getting non-processed food into the body - before it becomes unavailable.


kymber said...

TB - what you are saying and experiencing is sooo true. we have been off processed food for years and if we even smell it, we get sick. we were sick for 2 full weeks when we quit dairy cold turkey (after eating several servings of dairy a day our whole lives) - it was awful! i tell people that i think it would be easier to quit heroin than dairy - it's THAT bad! and your upset stomach all night was trying to tell you that you ate something that you are no longer used to eating and your digestive system can't handle it anymore.

we have had to tell our friends over the past 2 years that we can no longer eat at their houses - ya - talk about an uncomfortable topic of conversation eh? but we used to go to our friends house every thanksgiving and then another friends house every christmas - but both sets of friends serve processed stuffing, non-organic turkey, packaged gravy and horror of all horror - all veggies are mashed with margarine (first world problems - i know)!

but the fact is - we have made a conscious choice to try and grow, forage, hunt and fish for the majority of our food as well as be chemical-free...and when i walk into our friends houses or our community centres - my eyes go buggy from the chemical smells, my nose starts watering, my throat constricts and all i can smell is margarine - i need a shower when i come home. jambaloney has adverse affects but not as bad as mine. it's becoming a nightmare to go anywhere!!! and we need 2-3 days afterwards of getting our "normal" back.

most people here "poo-poo" our organic diet and wanting to eat our own food - but most people here are already on about 6 pills a day. and they are our age or younger! we take none - not even aspirin!!! but that's ok, we don't mind, we just have adjusted ourselves accordingly. my one friend said "well, if we invite you over to dinner can you just bring your own weird food to eat"? - bahahahahah! and i said "yes, yes we can".

your experience with the cheesecake is normal, especially if you have been trying to eat cleaner. keep it up - it does wonders for the body, the mind and the spirit!

"let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" hippocrates

sending much love and support for your continuing to eat healthier. your friend,

PioneerPreppy said...

Hmmmm good points. Many people may find themselves in gastronomic hell in a grid down situation even if they ain't going hungry.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I think it will be a real thing Preppy. Imagine having to either adjust to essentially a processing free diet or only on processed food (thinking here of organic folks that eat it but do not grow it - where will they be). It was by no means life threatening but very uncomfortable.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Kymber. You know, if I really sit and think about it, I would say this has been coming longer than just this week. Even the last few times I have had other road food - traveling - it was, let us say, less than satisfying. And certainly my experience with protein bars (the next big hurdle, I suppose) has me thinking more about processing in general.

I do not know that I can completely cut dairy unless I have too - I love cheese and yogurt - but I am working to make better choices there as well. Perhaps the next logical step is trying some cheese with "organic" milk and see what the difference is.

I do not think a great deal about chemicals but understand from others that it can be a thing. I can add that to the agenda as well over time.

But the age and health thing - I get it. I surprised a number people at my last Highland Games by telling them I was near 50. They swore I was more like 40.

Much love, TB