Thursday, May 12, 2016

Saturated in Seattle

So ordinarily I do not link other stories in place of my own for a posting.  It is a poor blog author that constantly relies on others for their material.

Today is an exception.

My friend Vintage Chick, who has been working on a different sort of blog journey, posted something today that is definitively worth sharing.

You know I do not do politics here and religion as a rule, and this post edges over into that.  But it deserves to be read and considered.

Read the words of someone that can actually write.



PeteForester1 said...

Good words indeed; with one caveat; I'm with her up until the point where she wrote "The truth is even those who call themselves Christ-followers judge abortion harshly." We judge abortion harshly because of the very reasons this girl regretted having one... She's right in a way though; we condemn the sin; not the sinner...

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I do not often comment on writers as I do not often know their intent - but in this case, knowing the writer, I think I can. The intent of her comment is not so much about the nature of judging abortion, but rather how Christians react to it. Too often our hating the sin comes across as hating the sinner. Yelling at people about things seldom brings them into The Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Saturated in Seattle here! Thank you Toirdhealbheach Beucail for sharing my post!!! As a wannabe writer, I feel giddy when I receive praise from someone I admire, such as you!

As for the content of my post regarding Christ-followers, you are correct in your belief behind my words: "The truth is even those who call themselves Christ-followers judge abortion harshly". The church has often felt an unsafe place to share my sin of abortion. The reaction of others rarely is rooted in grace. I feel as if I am known as the woman who had an abortion, rather than the one who was forgiven of much. Church is hard on those who have abortion in their past and when one, such as myself, already feels the burden of my past, church feels unsafe to be the real me. I hope this helps to clarify the meaning behind those word.

That post was a very different one for me. No mingling or mixing of words---which, honestly is where I feel more comfortable. Writing is a dance with words and that style of post did not dictate explanation--sticking to stories now. : )

Blessings, T!