Friday, May 27, 2016

The Rise Of The Delegator

I have come to understand that the last failure mode of any human association or organization is the rise of the Delegator.

Any association, any endeavor is in the beginning started by Doers.  These are the people that make things happen, that start things, that are not only cognizant of the fact that decisions must be made to accomplish things but have the decisiveness and fortitude to make them. When faced with a choice, they make it.

And things move forward.  And the endeavor grows.  And perhaps experiences success.  But ultimately the Delegator arrives.

The Delegator is chiefly known for two things.  The first is their inability to make a decision.  They will dither and worry and avoid making a decision as long as possible, either in the hopes that someone else will make the decision for them or that the need for the decision will pass.  Action may be called for – but the Delegator will stand to the side until they are forced into a corner.

The second item of identification is their very name.  They delegate.

They delegate the grunt work of the actual day to day operations.  They delegate the work of setting things in motion.  They may delegate the day to day management of things. They hold actual power and recognition to themselves but push the work to get that power and recognition to others.

What does this do?  It saps the drive and initiation from any organization.  Work for a Delegator, work with them, and one rapidly loses any sense that one’s work or effort leads to anything.  Decisions that must be made are never made – and if one takes the initiative and makes the decision more often than not one is either criticized or told that in fact that belongs to the realm of others.  Of the Delegator.  

Instead, one finds one’s self quietly pushed into the silences of silos, reliant on the Delegator to provide direction which often never seems to come.

Where does this leave one?  Ultimately with a stark choice.  Choose the path of least resistance and ride the organization or association down with those that will make no decision.

Or be different.  And do not delegate one’s future to one who delegates.

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