Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Expected

I'm discovering something as I continue through the chaos that is my employment life right now: I really like helping people discover their strengths, encouraging them, and helping them to believe in themselves.

This is not something I had looked for or even imagined - but I'm finding that it brings me great joy.

As I interact with my coworkers - Fear Beag, Fear Mor, An Bean-Bhohanach, An Bean Bhoidheach, An Fear Gluaistean, even Otis, Songbird, Bogha Frois and Buttercup - and hear of their frustrations, dreams and goals, I find my myself drawn - I can think of no other word - to help them in their quests, which in reality is ultimately a quest to be the best that they can be. Interestingly part of that is something that I cannot seem to do for myself: to look beyond themselves to see what they apparently cannot, and believe in them when they will not.

I am surrounded by great people of whom have I no doubt will go on to do great things. To be with them day in and day out, to see what they do, to hear them talk - all of this creates no doubt in my mind that these are people who can and will do far beyond what they are doing now.

This raises two questions for me:

1) What is this telling me about perhaps what I should be doing?
2) Why don't I have this same level of optimism and belief in myself?

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