Ichiryo Gusoku - Goals


The Purpose of added this to the existing blog is to document the process of a country samurai in an urban environment working to achieve self sufficiency.
Goals:  Ultimate Goals are these:
-         80% self sufficiency in vegetables
-         50% self sufficiency in citrus fruits
-         50% self sufficiency in grains
-         80% self sufficiency in compost/soil additives.
-         100% self sufficiency in honey
-         50% sufficiency in eggs
-         80% sufficiency in energy (Solar, wind)
-         50% sufficiency in stored water for irrigation
-         Debt freedom
-         Develop a second career sufficient to fund 100% of our living expenses.


  1. I can relate to this (of course!) But there's no date, so I'm curious as to how well you're doing on your goals.

    1. Leigh, that is a great point and one I had not thought of. This was originally done in 2013 or 2014 and I am a long way off from some of these. Compost is probably 100%, honey is 1005 (thanks to the folks that bring the bees to The Ranch), debt freedom is 100%, and second career...well, I wonder if a job change counts? You are right though; I will have to quantify more thoroughly.


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