Friday, November 03, 2017

Autumn Rabbit Greetings

The Mighty I-Bun
wishes you Happy Autumn.
Now, please send lettuce.


  1. Very nice photo! I'll send lettuce if you send dog bones lol! :)

  2. Hey, TB; you're a rabbit man; I picked up a proven breeding pair of Californians back in May. I live in a desert climate, so I wasn't expecting anything out of them during the summer. Trouble is, it's been cooling off steadily for about two months now, and I'm getting nothing from the doe. The pair are going at it like teenagers, but no kits, as of yet. 'Any ideas?

  3. Thank you Rain! If I can pry them away from Poppy, sure!

  4. Pete, my only guess (and full disclosure: I have not bred rabbits) is that depending on your climate, it might be a little hot for them? Rabbits do best at sub-80 F temperatures.

    Next question (Silly one, I am sure): Verified as in male and female? Rabbits will look like they are "in action" when really they are establishing dominance.

  5. Yeah; they're "sexed" correctly, TB. They're actually a proven breeding pair. They just don't want to prove anything to me... The weather is becoming reliably cooler. I'm hoping they'll get hopping soon. Thanx.

  6. Let me know Pete. I am interested in your outcome.


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