Monday, November 06, 2017

10 Miles

Yesterday I ran 10 miles (16 kilometers for my Canadian friends).

I do not know that, had you asked me at the beginning of the year, I would have told you that this is a thing I would have ever contemplated running.  Earlier this year, after I ran 7 miles (10 K), I would have told you no way. 

So apparently I lied to myself?

Maybe.  I had signed up with a friend to run it and something else came up and he decided he was unable to make the run.  I was not going to let my registration fee go to waste. 

When I run a race, I have only two goals.  The first is that I complete the race.  The second is that I run through the entire race.  It does not matter how slow I go, only that I keep running.

The (somewhat) surprising thing about this race was how amazing supportive folks were that were not running the race.  A grandmother who just randomly set up a water booth on the course.  Kids who were cheering and ringing cowbells and giving high fives.  The police in general, who are standing there for 3+ hours managing traffic - and in one case, an officer who helped to pull a stroller up a hill.  And of course all the volunteers and support groups just there ringing cowbells and offering water and shouting their heads off.

The most difficult part?  Actually, not the hills (not too many, but I am not a hill person).  It was really miles 8 and 9 when I kept having to fight myself to stop from walking and keep running.  I think mile 8 was so hard because it was the farthest I had ever gone, mile 9 because it was not mile 10.

How did I do?  1 hour 51 minutes to complete the course, average mile of 11:06  Not bad for 50 years old.  I ran it in a kilt because I promised my friend I would, and I ran the whole race - perhaps very slowly at points, but I kept running?

Will I run so far again?  My brain says no, but my heart is already thinking  "You know, a half marathon is only 3 miles farther...."


  1. Yes, let the pace flow through you........I'm on a hiatus from the sickness right now, however I fully intend to fall off the sanity wagon as soon as my foot and knee heal. I got hooked when running a "fun run" with my oldest daughter and a 78 year old grandfather passed us near the finish....pushing a stroller with TWO of his grandkids in it. I don't have a problem. I can quit any time. Really, I can. Just as soon as I can beat that guy. He's only 84 now.......

  2. I think that's wonderful TB :) It's a great accomplishment! I started running in 1998 and I never did any official races, I would run through the woods. I know that feeling where you struggle to keep going, but I always enjoyed the "runner's high" I got when I pushed ahead. My knees stop me now though. At least I can still hike! Congrats! :) I think you should do the half-marathon!

  3. TB - you know that with a positive outlook - you can do anything you set your mind to! and all of the people there, cheering from the sidelines, whether they know it or not, are trying to be a source of encouragement to all of the runners. "running" has been a thing since at least the ancient greeks, no? and that's because it demonstrates a great physical capacity - something we all admire.

    heck don't set your sights so low as a half-marathon - that's for wimps! set your goal of running for cape breton to come and visit me and jambaloney! he'll take you running all around the "cape breton cabot trail" - it's soooo beautiful!

    here's a link:

    you'll cry when you see it and you will definitely start getting ready to run it! jambaloney will be just ahead of you on his bike - that guy can do anything on a bike!

    congrats on finishing your run and in such good proud!

    sending love, always! your friend,

  4. Wow. Congratulations! I would have had to walk the whole thing, and probably wouldn't have started.
    Go you! God bless. :-)

  5. Well done, TB! That's a mile beyond my personal best.

    Watch out for the 'runner's high. For me it sets in around mile 8 or 9 and you feel like you can run forever - so ya do, and then crash when you can't move the next day!

  6. ShallNOTBeInfringed Original - I was definitely also lapped by several women above my age bracket and a team pushing a stroller of a full grown man. I have a very long way to go - if I can ever achieve that speed. I fear my physique is not such that I can every achieve those speed levels - in a world of elves, I am a dwarf.

  7. Thank you Rain! Knees are my biggest concern as well. It is a careful balance between the weight training (which increases my mass) and being able to not destroy my body to do other things. I seem to have equalized out right now at 78 kg or so, which is about 5 kg more than was before I started lifting. That seems to be a happy medium.

  8. Kymber - Thank you! I am kind of glad that I stuck with it and did it. It was harder than I imagined and yet easier at the same time.

    (Secretly, I keep looking for a place that does the hoplitodromos, the Ancient Greek Game of a 900 yard run in armor. That would be fun!)

    I looked at the Cabot Trail! It looks beautiful! And I am pretty sure that Jambaloney would completely smoke me.

    Thanks for all your support! - Much Love, TB

  9. Thank you Linda. I honestly did not think I was going to make it through miles 8 and 9.

  10. Glen - Thanks! For better or worse, I had no runner's high. I managed to put on a little speed at the end but that pretty much evaporated as soon as I crossed the finish line. To be fair, I did not train quite as much as I should have - but I do know what you mean!


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