Monday, September 04, 2017

On The Arrival of Labor Day

And thus, with the arrival of Labor Day, we start the passage into Autumn.

Officially, of course, it is still summer.  It will still feel like summer - here, possibly until the end of October.  But there is a mind set that comes with the turning of Labor Day that always - at least for me - indicates the effective end of summer.

With the arrival of Labor Day, there tends to be one more burst of activity before the coming of Winter.  One more round of Games.  One last explosion of activity in the garden before it becomes time to think about Winter.  Work now become a great deal of finishing out this year's activities and beginning to look to next year as well.    And though it seems far away right now, the hint of Thanksgiving and Christmas are just over the horizon.

But even more than the events and weather, for me it is a state of mind.  The sun has not yet acquired that cast of light that it only seems to hold in Autumn, but I can see hints of it out my window as I write.  I may not see the cooler temperatures today, but in my mind I can already feel the slight chill on my skin.

For me, calling it Labor Day is the wrong idea.  "Autumn's Eve" might be a more poetic - and more descriptive - name.


  1. I like that, Autumn's Eve! This time of year always reminds me of my college days...I remember my first day, and I just loved it. I actually jotted down yesterday on my to do list for today "Plan Thanksgiving and Christmas: Decor, Budget, Food"!

  2. Thanks Rain! I know it is sort of an arbitrary day here in Lower Canada (first Monday of September, I believe) but it always seems to be a transition point for me.

    With our oldest in college, I am reliving the same sense of excitement and wonder of the first time in college. It really was a time where the possibilities seemed endless.

  3. Good post. God bless.


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