Monday, May 08, 2017

The World Has No Place For Us

The World has no place for us:
The Dreamers,
The Gardeners,
The Listeners of the Unseen.

Oh, the World says they have a place, of course:
We use the same words, but speak a different language.
We see the same pictures, but see different things within them.
We conform to no side - and so we are neither.

We are the Invisible.

We have sunk within the cracks of sidewalk,
hidden away in the sunlit bits of soil amidst the grey landscape,
returned to the hills and forests:
sometimes only the wind knows where to find us.

Perhaps we will never come again into the light of the World,
into its entertainment and economy,
its vain pleasures and whitewashed matters of importance
that fade with every social trend.

The World has no place for us,
and yet we live on the fringes,
far more alive than the World.


PeteForester1 said...

The last line says it all, TB...

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Pete.

This struck me after I realized that I do not really fit into a lot of classifications, and those who "define" the classifications are becoming more and more hardline about what qualifies and what does not. For example, I care about the environment but am more of conservationist than an environmentalist - but I do not fit their model, and so I am outside the realm of those that care about the environment. That sort of thing.

In age of increasingly precise definitions, more and more of us are falling into the cracks and outside the mainstream. And actually, that is turning out to be a fine place to live.

LindaG said...

Yes it is.
A blessed week to you all, TB.