Monday, May 01, 2017

Spring Garden 2017

So most of Spring 2017 Garden planting is done.

(I'd post pictures, but you would pretty much see flattened mulch, so I will spare you the photo op.)

What did I plant?  Beans.  Lots of beans.  And Black Eyed Peas and okra.  And two kinds of peppers, criollo and Korean (I am getting peppers this year, even if I have to plant and keep them indoors). Some Sweet Sorghum as it did well last year and I would like to try my hand at possibly using it for beer (there is such a thing) or at least trying to see if I can do something with the stems - sorghum, if you did not know, can be pressed and the resulting juice boiled down for sweetener.  Add to this a rather healthy crop of volunteer pumpkins and we are on our way.

What am I still lacking?  A tomato plant or two and some cucumbers.  And that will probably be it for this first time re-imagined garden.  I will need to set up an actual watering jig for when we are gone (not going to make that mistake again).  I have no sign of our local rabbit population so assuming the garden survives a precocious puppy, we should be in good shape.

The onions are still doing their thing and the garlic seems to want start to fall (I am going to try to mulch it up a bit and see if I cannot convince it to stay for a bit longer).  The wheat (two varieties) have headed up and are starting to turn.  I finally transplanted some leeks in hopes of saving them; a number of them have taken nicely.  The spinach and lettuce are flowering (seed saving, here we come) and the lemon and lime trees continue to put on leaves and hopefully fruit.

It is not the best position I have been in to roll into the summer gardening season, but far from the worst I am have ever been.


Rain said...

Oh how fun! Please post photos when you have more of a photo op! :) I completely forgot about garlic...I will have to plan for a fall planting.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I hope I have a photo op Rain. Last year we were devastated by our local rabbit community. I am always torn by this: I really love rabbits, but I sure which they would not eat what I plant.