Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weather Watch

So tonight we are sitting under the mother of all weather watches.

The weather today was hot.  And foolishly humid the sort of weather I call "Voodoo Weather" for no other reason than that it feels wrong and mysterious, the sort of weather in which bad things happen. The weather extended into the evening, in which the clouds were a sort of misty color lit by the sunlight in a way that I cannot fully describe and have certainly never before seen.

The wind is whipping along now (around 10 PM) blowing the humid weather through.  The expectation?  "Severe Thunderstorms, possible grapefruit sized hail, damaging winds, tornadoes (not likely for us)".   Add fun with lightening strikes and we have all the making of "fun" around 3 AM, when the first front blows through.

This is not the weather that I grew up with at all.

It is all vaguely concerning of course - the thought of hail being the most exciting (or concerning, take your pick).  Tornadoes are unlikely and, given the rain we have had of late, the chances of a lightning strike starting a fire are pretty minimal. Wind is a concern of course, but most of the big trees (maybe three) would fall away from the house; the fence would be toast (but that is an insurance item).  Hail remains the single largest danger.

I will let you know how the weather goes.

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