Saturday, April 02, 2016

Of Asparagus and Onions

The task before us today - in what will hopefully become a better trend of sunny weekends and time - was the planting of Asparagus and Onions.

 Here they are. ready to go.

 Asparagus.  I have been promised six per bag (only got ten total).

This is where the planting occurred.  This was a space I originally had identified for a mandarin orange tree but realized it would perfectly for asparagus (and would keep my garden along the fence available).

 Tools of the trade. I made a go of it with just a pick and hoe (to my surprise, honestly):

 The asparagus roots removed from the bags.  Look like little octopoid aliens, right?

 This point of the program is where you see pictures of me digging one trench and then two, measuring them to make sure that they were at least six inches deep, then laying the asparagus roots flat in the trenches eighteen inches apart and covering them with three inches of dirt. You would see pictures - if I had not deleted them.  Take my word for it that this is what happened.  All have is the final result:

 Red Onions and Yellow Onions:

This is where the use of the essentially composted wood pellets has become a blessing.  I merely pulled my hand through and made a trench and then we planted.  First red:

Then Yellow:
 (Hey Look!  It is me!)

Final look after three rows:

The most surprising thing about this whole effort is it took me a little over an hour to achieve.  I constantly think it is going to take so much longer.  

Here is to hoping I see sprouts soon!


  1. Good luck with the gardening. Our soil is starting to be mushy on top, but is still frozen an inch or two down.

    1. I have often wondered about how folks garden in Alaska. I should think you would have a very late start to the season.

  2. I have raised beds and they are thawed, turned over and a good load of composted manure is all mixed in. I planted Swiss chard and lettuce and to tonight it's going down in the twenties so I covered the bed with a window. This year is not sure what it wants to do.

    1. We seem to be rolling into summer pretty effectively here. I am thinking I will have to do my first planting in about 2 weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. we planted up an asparagus bed with three year old crowns last year, this year we get to cut some but not all of it and next year we can have an asparagus party :-)

    1. Congratulations! I am going to have to be patient for awhile.

      Out of curiosity, how many crowns did you plant and what kind of yield did you get?


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