Friday, December 05, 2014

A Mouse

A mouse was in the trap this morning.

We have had problems with mice in the garage for some weeks now.  The evidence of them started showing up:  gnawed items, droppings.  I initially sort of hoped they would go away but they did not so last week during Thanksgiving I cleaned everything out in the garage.  We saw one and  chased him out.

Then everything started appearing again.

I  had procured a rat trap initially.  I really was hoping that I did not have to use it because I would just rather that the mouse be happy and free - somewhere else.  I even tried an alternate sort of trap to no avail.

Last night I was at it again, going through and trying to pull things out from shelves.  I saw the mouse - even chased it from the comfortable nest it has made in the base of the refrigerator.  After 90 minutes of chasing The Ravishing Mrs. TB saw it run outside and away.  Hurray, hopefully.  I swept up and, as a bit of an afterthought, baited and left the trap out again.

This morning, it was used.

I am not sure if it was the same mouse.  I thought I had blocked the access points.  It saddens me - I hate the seemingly senseless death of animals -yet at the same time it was something that had to be done.  It was being destructive and with the quail and rabbits in their winter quarters, competition for food might have erupted - or worse.

I disposed of it, saddened.  Sometimes this is life and the things we have to do are not always the things we want to do.


  1. Mice are no better than large bugs. Vermin with one real useful purpose. To entertain cats :)

    With all the strays we get dumped on us out here the mice do not last long. The cats consider the yard and near fields their own private hunting reserve and they end em pretty quick.

  2. Yeah, this would have been when a cat would have been useful. We have not had problems like this since we moved. We have not had a cat for years, but we may have to reconsider.


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