Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: That Was The Year That Was

So here it is:  the end of the year.  How did we stack up?

Okay.  Actually, perhaps better than expected.  I got a lot of what I wanted to do this year done:

- Published two books (including one I had been holding for 5 years, putting off).
- Got my In-dojo certification for Iaijustu
- Ended my Highland Athletic Year in the top 250, which was an improvement - and successfully beat all of my previous records.
- Attended all of the Seminars for Iaijutsu
- Got out to see our family this year.
- Had a reasonably good year at work, including passing a number of important audits.

Ichiryo Gusoku:  Here, I was not so successful.  Singular success (with Nighean Donn):  getting quail.  Even though they are not producing eggs yet (hopefully they will), they are here and we have a local supplier.  Everything else (with the exception of some cheese production and a surprisingly fine yield of peppers) remains the same.

What did not get done?  New job - but that deserves perhaps a little more thought anyway.  Greater financial progress - but again, that seems like it will pick up speed this year.

So on the whole, not a terribly unsuccessful year.

What is on the agenda for next year?  I already have a listing of things I want to work on.  I need to give more careful consideration to them, hone them more over the next two days to put some meat and objectives on them.  I made successful progress on some of my goals.  I need to understand more completely why.

But that is for later.  For now, I am simply grateful that it was a good year.  We end it healthy.  We end it employed.  We end it together.

And one cannot ask for a great deal more than that.

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