Friday, May 09, 2014


I am bored.

This thought suddenly crashed into my head at about 1430 yesterday as I was paging through something to review at work.  It is a type of document that I have been reviewing for almost five years at my current place of employment.  And in a flash I realized that I was bored with it.

And with most of what I do constantly.  Every day it has become the same round of tasks to do and arguments to have.  Documents which need my signature, items which need my review, things which I need to accomplish - all have become the same in my mind.  Literally, I have nothing to look forward to any more.

It explains quite a bit if I stop and think about it.  No wonder I have found myself on the downward trend of enthusiasm and energy.  It is exceptionally hard when every day becomes like every other with no hope of anything changing or becoming different.  Are there new things coming on line?  Possibly.  Do I believe that they will in any way change the content of my work or the shape of my day?  Not at all.

What do I do with this thought?  I am not sure.  Certainly this is the first time - perhaps ever in my work life - that I have consciously realized that I am bored. In other areas of life, when one is bored one begins to find things to do to become not bored.  Not as easy in a job where change comes slowly and there are a certain level of expectation of the tasks that need to be accomplished.

But one thing is certain:  getting better at the mundane and boring does nothing to advance one's career or fulfill one's life.  It only ensures that one is better and skilled at doing boring things.

And that is no path to success.


  1. Your post makes me think of that scene in "Office Space" where the guy cleans his fish he just caught on his TP reports....

  2. Preppy - I love Office Space - and there has been more than one comparison to my place of employ...


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