Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Things I Love About Conan The Barbarian

I have had the distinct pleasure of getting reacquainted with Conan The Barbarian - not the hideous adaptation or remake created by Hollywood but the originals as written by Robert E. Howard.   I read him once long ago but the books moved on; it has been my pleasure to start finding them and reading them again (thank you, Used Book Stores!).  And so, without further ado, 10 Things I Love About Conan The Barbarian:

1)  He is the eternal optimist.  He always believes he can accomplish what he sets out to do.

2)  He is a man of action.

3)  He is is in really good physical condition.

4) He is an adventurer.

5)  He is actually a pretty good linguist.

6)  He makes a practice of becoming an expert at what he does (He is a warrior of course, but he always strives to be the best).

7)  He is the ultimate fantasy success story, rising from poor barbarian to the king of the mightiest realm in Age.

8) He has the ability to enjoy life no matter where he is.

9)  He is a great leader of men.

10)  He has an ultimate unerring sense of justice and chivalry.

I know, I know - he is just a fantasy character.  But with so many real leaders and celebrities with character flaws or actual flaws, it is nice to have an example somewhere to emulate, right?

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  1. Plus he can always get it on with the girls even in cold ice caves and such when wicked mystical creatures are stalking him :)


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