Thursday, November 28, 2013


To what extent am I trapped in ruts of thinking?

Readings Inc.'s 2013 Entrepreneur of the year, the 28 year old who created, I wonder.  Do I not think broadly enough?  Do I not think widely enough?

Thinking and ruts have dominated my 2014 goal considerations as well.  I am contemplating something which I had not really tried before:  focusing within.

The thought is that I would not consciously add another new activity to those that I am doing this year.  Instead I would work to consolidate my gains in area where I have already made progress.  But even these may represent ruts in my thought patterns, consolidations of things that are essentially dead ends.  By focusing more deeply, am I merely focusing on things that will keep me in ruts?

I am seemingly held in chains which are largely of my own forging.  What if, as part of this exercise, I merely walked through these chains?

Heady stuff.  The stuff of the mad.  The stuff of legend.

"Common sense will not accomplish great things.  Simply become insane and desperate." - Nabeshima no Naoshige

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