Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Complicators

I've got another in my list of people types that prevent useful work from getting done: The Complicators.

Complicators can be a version of The Assigners as they share some of the same characteristics: they are known for giving work away that they don't or won't do themselves, and they certainly are not always useful in getting additional resources. The difference is that when Assigners are done with their damage, they at least go away; Complicators do not.

They hover; they yell. They make commitments to what they will do, then after it is done the renege on their consent - in some cases, they even don't remember that they agreed to it in the first place. They believe in the quality adage "Inspect what you expect", but fail to recall that they failed to communicate their expectations in the first place. They bend rules they tell others are inviolate if the circumstances require it, yet hold they standard for everyone else. On the road of meeting requirements and accomplishing tasks, they are the quicksand.

I continue to be amazed how corporations and companies which otherwise proclaim their wanting to succeed and do good often show myopia about the individuals who truly move things forward in their companies - and the individuals who do not.

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