Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

And so it comes: Thanksgiving 2011. I have, as in years past, a good list to be thankful for:

- The Ravishing Mrs. TB
- Na Clann
- The menagerie that inhabits our home: Syrah the Mighty, the rabbits Snowball Midnight and Bella, Tink the Hamster, and Kiki the Parakeet.
- The fact that I have a job, even if it's not my heart's desire.
- The house we live in, the cars we drive, and all that God has graciously provided for us.
- That my own parents can come and spend Thanksgiving with us.
- Our larger family scattered throughout the US.
- For the new things I've done this year: cheese making, running a 5K, the Highland Games.
- Our church.
- Na Clann's school.
- Our health (too often ignored until it's gone).
- Iaido.
- All of the fine things we've discovered here in New Home.
- Our friends, here and scattered throughout the country.
- Salvation and the gift of Christ.
- The creation in which we live.
- And, as always, the opportunity to write.

It is good that at least once a year we take the opportunity to look and consider how much good we really do have to be thankful for.

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