Thursday, September 07, 2006

Unified Field Theory

It has occurred to me over the last few days that my life lacks coherence, a unified whole. 

All the different things I do, all the different things I would like to do, are just pieces and parts - they do not build towards something, nor are the controlled by something. It feels as if I have a fragmented life. 
 How do I honor Christ in this? 

If the point of my life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and He is to control all that I do in my life, and my life is to honor Him in all that I do, how do I apply that to daily living? 

 What I need is a unified field theory of living - as described in Wikipedia, it is "An attempt to unify all the fundamental forces and the interactions between elementary particles into a single theoretcical framework; a theory which would explain the nature and behaviour of all matter." 

Francis Schaeffer, in The God Who Is There, seems to approach this by suggesting the relationship between philosophy, literature, art, music, theology, and how they interlock as a general indicator of the culture at large - something he seems to do as well in A Christian Manifesto. I need the same thing - that all of my activities, or things I would like to do or feel called to do or have to do (I made a list and came up with 45 separate items) are directed towards the goal of serving and honoring God, instead of being stand alone one-offs - I do something, and it is finished. It relates to nothing else. 

 The key, as I ruminate on this, is what my purpose or mission statement is. 

By knowing the statement and purpose, one can plug in the various ideas as it relates each part of the purpose. If I take honoring God, serving God, and enjoying God as my purpose, and my primary subgroups are my family and my church family, and most of the activities in my life have either fallen into the learning or creating categories, how do I evaluate each activity versus the goal? 

This is my struggle.

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