Thursday, May 18, 2017


Perhaps over the course of your internet life you have done a Wordle - a compilation of words put together in interesting forms that are art. 

In some you can input text and it will size the words based on their frequency of use.

I wonder, over the course of our lives and all the words we speak and write, what would a world look like? What words have we spoken and written so often that they would be the largest, the most prominent?  If the words of our life were the building blocks of the art, the outcome of our existence, what would it look like?

Did we speak words of wisdom or love?   Did we speak joy or teaching into the lives of others?  Or were our words  so negative, so angry, that all they would leave is a monument to a bitter existence?

I wonder, if in some odd Tron-like digital future, the moment to a life would be the words most used by an individual, constantly streaming across a screen.  What, I wonder, would mine look like?

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LindaG said...

Good question.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.