Friday, January 06, 2017

Changing My Running

One of the changes that I have made in my physical life is my running.

Running, frankly, feel off a great deal after August.  I am not sure why - there is always the recovery after running any kind of race, but this went further.  Lack of interest I would guess. It got to the point where I was not running at all, which is not a particularly good development.

So I changed that up this year.  I changed it by changing my goal this year.

This year I am not so concerned with doing obstacle races - if I do one or two that would be fine, but that has become an "I did it thing" - and really, more and longer would simply be an extension of that, not necessarily the accomplishment I am trying for. This year I am instead going for mileage - which is something that has all hallmarks of a good goal:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.

My goal this year is 750 miles. That sounds like a lot, sitting on this side of the year. But it really is not.  15 or so miles a week.  Subdivide that into 5 to 7 running days and suddenly that becomes quite a manageable task.

I am not a speed runner.  I have never really been a speed runner.  And maybe that is not important.  What does matter is that I run - and measuring things by distance is a way to push me forward towards that.

What has the week brought so far?  5.5 miles or so.  Not a great deal, considering the total distance I have to run.  But at least it is something.

And being less concerned about how fast I am running has made me more willing to do so.

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