Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reallocating My Time

So my schedule has essentially converted itself.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, my thinking has not.

Work is pretty much a 9-5 matter at this point, with a little time on either side.  The commute is (blessedly) only 20 minutes each way.  So my additional time is really coming on the front end of my day - easily an hour and possibly an hour and half.  That is 5-7.5 hours back a week, just about what I figured it would be.

So here is the issue: what do I do with that extra hour a day.

Initially I was still trying to live my life in the after work phase, perhaps filling the early morning with Japanese or reading but still trying to do everything in the evening.  Turns out that is not the best time of the day for me to being doing such things.

Harp, for example.  I have never really felt I had the drive to practice it in the evening.  I want to, but apparently not bad enough to do it regularly.  But it is something that I have identified as being important to me.

Then the thought wandered into my head:  why do I not do it in the morning?

I have a perfect time slot every morning, time that was a gift and I have not really decided how to expend.  Suddenly I have a regular time, 5 days a week, to do this.

And the math just expands from there.  If I do not feel I have that hanging over my head in the evening, suddenly I can do something else - even something as mundane as reading - without that sense of guilt about practicing. And I still get 8 hours of sleep a night.

This is going to be the biggest challenge of the New Life, not the actual work part but the part of adjusting my thinking outside of the ruts it has worked itself into.

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