Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On Changing Churches

So we have made the decision to change churches.

On the whole this not something we do a great deal.  I take the concept of being a member of church very seriously and try not to change for the sake of boredom or not liking the particular flavor of the sermon for the month.

Over our married lives, we have been members of the Lutheran church (two, both left due to relocation), nondenominational churches (two, one left to a split and one left due to relocation) and our current church, another Lutheran one.  As you may note, I prefer church doctrine.

But we have reached the point that I cannot - in all good conscience - continue on with or current path.

What finally pushed us over the top?  Like most things, a combination:  on the one hand, coming from a church where sermons were well reasoned and scripturally based to one where they had much more of a surface feel - a "homily" if you will, something I have never been very fond of.  I like well thought out, challenging sermons, not five points with a couple of catch phrases.

The other thing?  The bane of all churches, the building program.

Suffice it to simply say this: for a period of time - months - the point of all of the sermons became the expansion program, how this needed to happen and how this was planning for the future of the church.  Sermon after sermon.  Nothing about the gospel.  Nothing about challenging us about our walk in Christ.  Only about the program.

And suddenly, I was done.

If you want to say that this was God leading us to this, I do not know that I can disagree with you:  this is the church that The Ravishing Mrs. TB works at which was originally an occasional child care job which turned into a part-time bookkeeper job which turned into us attending church there on a semi-frequent basis to this, where a great deal of the Pastoral Staff knows my name because of my wife and the two older Clann have steady childcare jobs and babysit outside of the church as well.

It is not something that I choose to do lightly.  But it is something which matters a great deal.  And if it matters a great deal - and the ultimate intent is that God be glorified by it - then it is something that needs to happen.

I value excellence in all parts of my life.  My church membership should be no less.


kymber said...

TB - i understand your conflict. we have a catholic church in a nearby village and an anglican church in another nearby village and we aren't happy with either. unless we want to drive over an hour and a half and test out some other churches, which we aren't willing to do, then we just have church at home. we don't have church at home every sunday - we pretty much have church every day - outside in the yard - admiring the Lord's handiwork and trying to demonstrate our gratefulness.

but in reading your post, i thought of one of my besty c's favourite songs:

"god is great, beer is good and people are crazy"

it's a song by billy currigan and here is a link to the lyrics:

if you don't know of the song, youtube it to hear's a pretty good song.

if your heart isn't in your church...there is a reason. go out and try and find a church that speaks to your heart. because you expect value in all parts of your life...that is God talking to you. and he expects excellence of you as well.

i know this comment is rambling...but i also know that you know what i mean by it.

sending much love, as always. your friend,

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Kymber. I do know what you mean. I am not one to try do it on a whim but you are right - I had never had the thought that God expects excellence of me in this as in all other areas of my life.

And yes, sometimes simply being out in His handiwork is the best worship we can have. I will have a listen to the song.

Thanks for love. Same back to you and Jam.

Lhiats, TB