Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Silent Running

The message I had thought to write - that I did write -for this morning's post was actually written in the throes of last weekend.  I looked at again and thought it was probably a bit more than what was actually needed.

There was a point in it where I mentioned the idea of effectively being non-remarkable - that, I think still stands.  Especially in the age of social media, it is all too easy for unwanted attention to be driven to us for the least of reasons - or updating the words of an old saying, I never had to explain away something I never posted.

I also, for myself, am finding communication with others to be a much more difficult thing.  And it is not so much that is in the communicating; instead, it is in the very effort of communicating.  It is becoming difficult because the effort of communicating with those who one disagrees is so, well, disagreeable that one would simply rather avoid the whole thing entirely.

There has come, in the last few weeks, much more of a concept of staying within the four walls that I live (or maybe venturing out occasionally to a book store).  The world outside of them has less and less to offer me in terms of interest or opinions or goods.  The important work, the writing and the pondering and the thinking, all happen right here.

So my advice, friends, in a more measured and less panicked tone than in my original post, is to realize that the times are savage.  Do not kid yourself they are anything but, and that more and more people are looking for reasons to attack and destroy others.  Do not give it to them.  Live quietly, live humbly, and let the inner life and the life you share with those closest to you be your focus, not the wide world beyond whatever four walls you live in.  It may not preserve you from a flood, but it will at least settle your mind and keep you focused on what is truly valuable.


Rain said...

I agree completely. I have zero motivation to communicate with any "real life" people. (Blogger people are a pleasure for me). I have no need to be part of society unless it's to acquire stuff for us to survive at home. The happiness is all at home, and we don't look anywhere else ever anymore!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Everyone else is away for the moment Rain, so it just myself and the animals. Frankly, I could not be more happy. Being able to shut out the world is becoming a thing for me.

deborah harvey said...

it is good to take a sabbatical.
i don't ry to talk sense to fools.
wasteof time.
they will not convert you, nor you them.
i do like to add to knowledge, not opinions which are mostly not founded on reality.
all the sturm und drang from feguson, charlotte [?charlottesville?], et cetera are symptoms but are also red herrings.
distracting and noisy, meant to stop sober reflection.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

It saddens me Deborah. How is it we live in a era of great technical advances and yet our inner life and propensity for thought is seemingly more undeveloped than 4000 years ago?