Friday, January 15, 2016

A Proper Use of Anger

Sometimes there is a right use of anger.

Anger can be used to spur us to action.  Anger at a situation, anger at the treatment of another, anger at injustice or dishonesty properly channeled can lead to useful change.

To be clear:  I am talking about the anger of the individual, not the anger of the movement or the group.  The anger of these rapidly becomes the anger of the mob with usually destructive results and seldom results in something that is better.

Anger that spurs us to action drives us to accomplish things.  Angry at your situation?  Do not lash out at others, use it to change yourself.  Use it to drive to take that actions you need to make the changes you need or complete the things you need to complete.  Perhaps the situation will change, perhaps it will not.  Often we cannot control this.  But what we can do is change ourselves.

And sometimes the greatest forward momentum to change comes at the moment when we are so angry and fed up that we decide we will not longer take it but rather do what needs to be done to change it.

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