Monday, October 05, 2015

Fall Garden 2015

So today began Fall Garden 2015.

I am somewhat scaling back and recalibrating how I garden.  After I opened up the space nearer to the house in April  I noticed a few things:  It had more exposure to sun, it was easier to weed, and it closer to the house and therefore easier to water.  This has changed how intend to try garden this year.

The space is not huge - perhaps an additional 20 square feet, 2 feet long and 10 feet wide.  It is still a bit planted with some volunteer peppers and tomatoes and the second growth of Sorghum.  Rather than replant the whole thing in winter crops (which will crowd out the spring and summer, which always gets me)  I have decided to narrow my choice to garlic (which always grows), spinach (sometimes yes, sometimes not so much yes), and leeks (never tried here.  Why not?  Leek soup and Leek pie are great!).

The space to north, which is a bit under the neighbors oak, which is usually where I garden, will be partially turned over to barley and winter wheat.  The rest will lie fallow under what is rapidly becoming a fair amount of detrius of dissolved wood pellet bedding (with rabbit urine) mixed with hay and rabbit manure, ready for spring.

My hope? The first is that the change in location will help more things grow.  The second is that with a smaller space to manage, I can cultivate it more productively and intensely.  The third is that by managing my space, I can get more by timing my plantings.

Worst case, at least I will have garlice.

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