Monday, September 01, 2014


The quail have come.

Technically these are a birthday present for Nighean Dhonn; she has some at her school and decided she wanted some of her own.  However, they coincide with my own goal of greater independence at any level.

They are a mix:  4 Texas A&M Coturnix quil and 2 Straight Coturnix Quail.  They are somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks old at this stage:  old enough to be away from the brooder but not fully feathered out yet.  From everything that I read, they reach the beginnings of maturity and egg laying starting at 6 weeks.

I am excited.  We cannot keep chickens where we currently live but quail should be small enough to escape the notice and annoyance of everyone:  they are quiet, they are small, and their caging can be low to the ground.

I still have a few things to work out, like ultimate living arrangements (I have an idea, but I need to get some cover going) so they are ensconced in a cardboard box where we can hear them talking to each other.

This is going to be good - and fun.

Welcome Quail!


  1. Sort of a mini stealth chicken experiment :)

  2. That is me Preppy: the Urban Shadow Poultry Warrior!


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