Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Blustery Wednesday

Who am I?
Not who I am, the persona I put before the world,
the image that walks with me as I get up in the morning
and goes to bed every night;
But the person that I am under all this,
the one who was here before years of schooling
and work and life itself was poured over it.

If being truly great is tied to truly being yourself,
Who am I?
Surely it is not the man that stumbles out the door every day,
immersed all day in a tsunami of paper and regulations
which will someday be packed into a box?
Surely it is not the man who so often has to "settle"
rather than do the right and correct?
Surely it is not the man to whom honor
is made to mean no more than taking the responsibility
others will not take?

Who am I?

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