Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can or Can't Do

Yesterday I realized a basic difference that I seem to have with many people: I have a "Can't Do" attitude.

Oh no, not about simple things like making it through the day or completing simple tasks. No, it's more in regards to high vision or grand plans (usually set by others) in which stretch goals are being set, at which point my brain starts to shut down and instead of considering the concept of "Yes, it can!" I mull over "No, it can't!"

So I'm wondering, does this make me a pessimist or a realist?

I'm sure the view from those setting the goals is that I'm a pessimist, the roadblock in any unit or organization. When everyone else is trying to find the reasons we can, I'm finding the reasons we can't. When everyone else is moving forward, I'm dragging my feet and then having to hurry up.

But I'm also a realist. I've dealt with the problems of rushed planning more times than I care to think of. Sometimes "We can" is a thin mask for "We have to, even if it's not prudent" - and so often those that set these high expectations move on to the next thing, leaving those of us who are "responsible for it" trying to cobble together something that will continue to function.

So how do I mesh the two, more of a positive "It's possible" attitude while maintaining some level of "what's realistic"?

A "can do" attitude gets things done, but a "can't do" attitude makes sure that they are done in a way that they can continue to be done.

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