Saturday, January 27, 2007

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

A Random Thought Compendia:

- After approximately one month of what I would consider true goal setting and follow up, I am both rewarded by progress and somewhat set back by the fact that I am suddenly aware that for things in five years, I have to also start moving now. Maybe this is why I have failed heretofore in chess: an inability or unwillingness to plan ahead.

- Do not think that the enemies of the free world are not viewing the protests this weekend and the continued discussion concerning any Senate resolution with anything but glee. As Osama bin Laden predicted, it appears that if you kill enough Amercians, they will go home.

What happens when they start killing you at home? Where will you go then?

- My part of California continues in a relative dry spell (pushing record lack of rain). The last serious drought we had in California (late 1970's) the population was not nearly as large as it is not. How will folks react this time?

- At least one hive of bees is alive - discovered by my father last week as he accidently disturbed them changing their entrance......

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