Friday, February 05, 2016


Today my Otsuchi came in the mail.

An Otsuchi, in case you have not been keeping track of your traditional Japanese weapons, is a wooden maul or mallet used by Japanese warriors, primarily for bursting through doors or gates or even walls.

Mine is a 10 lb head mounted on a 3 foot shaft (apparently they could go up to 6' shaft, which would be handy for breaking into things.  Not so much as a weapon).  I have taken some practice swings with it and it is amazing how heavy 10 lbs can be when you are moving it through the air.

In a way, the Otsuchi describes my life:  an obscure weapon with no practical purpose to be trained with simply because it can be done and I want to do it.  Really true of so many of the interests and activities that I pursue.

Which is okay.  Because in the end, Thor does not really exist - but I and my Otsuchi do...


Unknown said...

Would you mind dropping the link to where you bought it? I'm expanding my collection.

TheArgusApocraphex1 said...

Would you mind dropping a link to where you bought it? I'm expanding my collection.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Sure. I got if from Japanese Woodworker:

Here's the link:

If you are interested I might suggest signing up for their mailing list. They often have coupons which would drop the price.

Anonymous said...