Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Test Results - JPLT

As you may remember, last December I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 5 .  This is a measure of a level of knowledge of Japanese.  This was something I had originally thought of taking two years ago and finally worked me myself up to do last year.

Well, the test results posted last night:

Wow!  I passed!

My test scores were not necessarily that great, but got me through the door:

A lot like college, passing is passing.  It is the certificate that matters.

Honestly, I am grateful (and more than a little surprised).  This is the second time in the period of a year that I have taken a certification test and passed - after The Firm and my failure at the Broker test in 2005, I had all but given up that I could do such things.

Will I go to Level 4?  I am not sure at this point. It would be good, but there is so much I do not yet know (see above scorecard).  

Still, it is a goal.  And it was met.  That is, in the end, what truly matters.

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