Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To Watch The Dissolution of Things?

How does one correctly watch the slow dissolution of things?
I would not say that I am connoisseur of economic and preparation blogs but I do frequent a number of sites, some that I find useful and some that are not all that useful but are good for getting a sense of how others think.  As you can imagine they are (on the whole) fairly lit up right now with the state of the world.  You pick it - economic, political, international - there are a lot of people theorizing and watching and making predictions.

And on the whole, I am not sure how much off the mark they are.  While I am to some sense a sensationalist - I get easily excited and more often than not see the end the world everywhere.  That said, it is hard to look at the last two months and see anything but a slow slide into something, somewhere I suspect not many folks would want to be.

So how does one correctly watch this?

Do I fret?  Do I panic?  Do I sigh long sighs?  Do I say "I Told You So"?  None of these seem precisely the correct response (although they are representatives of all such views).

I feel sadness - on the one hand a sort of sighing resignation as the best laid hopes of mice and men are (once again) thrown by the waves of "How The World Works" onto the Rocks of Reality, on the other hand a genuine sense of loss as the world I knew and have lived in seems to be dwindling away on every front, replaced by a sort of dysfunctional national and international society that seems held together by threads too fragile to long bear the weight placed on them.    Or (to be trendy) it is like watching someone die, knowing that they will be returning soon as the Undead, an unthinking unreasoning thing seeking only to destroy us.

We scarcely do a good job of discussing and preparing ourselves for death.  How much less do we prepare and discuss the death of civilizations - or prepare ourselves to properly watch them.

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