Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2016 Garden Catalog Is Here

My Bountiful Gardens catalog showed up today (https://www.bountifulgardens.org).  Just like that, planting is back in season.

Not that  I can run right out and do it. We are still in the "Depths" of Winter here in New Home, which we will be for another two months or so.  I cannot really start much before then because the weather is too variable and the sun is not going to warm up the soil the way it needs to.

This is the best part of the year for me, the part before I actually start planting (and things start dying), when I can just look through the catalog of names and pictures and think "Oh, that looks nice" and "Would that not be a wonderful thing to grow?"   It is the realm of possibility removed from the reality of the experience.

What am I growing this year?  I am no 100% sure.  I am going to expand my grain growing efforts this year to the entire back fence as the areas has proved relatively nonproductive as a garden per se (due to neighbor's overhanging tree).  I will need to get quick growing grains as we go to "hot" within two months of winter breaking.

The perennial pursuit of a tomato plant that will grow will be there, as will undoubtedly peppers (they grow so well here) and the onions that in theory should grow as we get so much sunlight but never really seem to.  Other than that?  Not sure at this point; I have a number of seeds billed as "hot weather and drought resistant" greens I will probably try.

Mandarins for sure (the citrus plant most resistant to cold) will be there as well as working more with my potted lemons and limes, which are not doing so well as I would have liked in my garage (although they are blooming and have not died yet).  A last plan, hopefully in preparation for bees, is a planting of lavender in my crab grass that needs to die.  It will not do anything now, but my hope is that in 4 years I will see progress.

I love this time of the year - when dreams are real and the pictures in the catalog make me remember why I love the possibility of gardening so much.  It is promise of tomorrow wrapped up in green leaves and something I can eat.


Casey said...

I myself, have been slow on getting seed catalogs this year. But the will to put together a few cold frames to get something started early is growing strong. Usually can't start working ground until mid-March, but cannot wait.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I am ready - and heady with all the possibilities (always am, this time of year).

Thanks for stopping by!