Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On The Benefits of A Quiet Vacation

Oddly enough, this has been one of the more relaxing "vacations" I have had of late.

It has made me consider a little more deeply the whole point of "taking time off from work".

In  lot of ways this was the perfect time away.  No stress.  A short list of things I wanted to accomplish (most of which are done) as well as plenty of time for reading, thinking, and even a little bit of enjoyment related to "silly" things like watching movies.

It was a time of recharge, of rest, of quiet contemplation about what I will need to accomplish in the next year (because let us not kid ourselves, shall we?  Next year is going to be incredibly busy indeed).   It was (and still is, for a few more days) the perfect idea of what a vacation should be.

The magical part.  I did not have to go anywhere.  Really spent no money on the execution of it.  No long hours in cars or on planes, no packing and unpacking and repacking.  No rushing from one place to another to accomplish this and then that and then those things over there.

This has become a bit of a practice for me, this end of the year time away without going anywhere - so much so, I think I will plan on expanding it into the future (one advantage of my current employment is that I have enough time available to allow for such things).

Why?  Because every great advance will not move forward and be sustained without the thought time and energy building required to make it possible.

And I have a lot of advances I intend to make.


PioneerPreppy said...

Quiet vacations are the best!!! Glad you are making good use of yours!!!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Preppy! Honestly, no-one is more surprised than - which I think adds to the pleasure.